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Our offices are conveniently located in the heart of Leros Island at Panteli and Alinda villages. When in Leros, contact us to arrange an office visit.

 Driving directions from the ports, and airport.

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PANTELI : Tel: 22470 24103              ALINTA : Tel: 22470 24584

emergency phone: 6972600035


Discover leros isl.
Even if you are not a fisherman you will definitely wish to try your luck fishing at one of  the plentiful fishing spots of Leros, which are near the numerous little islands around Leros.







As Leros has maintained its genuine traditional character, it is in the position to offer the highest quality of tourist services to every visitor.  Modern hotel complexes, apartments for rent and guest –houses, which come up to the highest expectations, have all been created  with respect to the environment and the history and tradition of Leros. 

Here, away from the noisy towns and  the stressful pace of life and even further away from crowed large tourist areas, the visitor finds the peace and  recreation he is looking for.  In Leros the visitor finds a hospitable environment with all the comforts. 

He enjoys countless beaches (Alinta, Panteli, Panagies, Xirokampos, Agios Isidoros, Mplefoutis, Agia Marina, Krithoni, Vromolithos, Agia Kioura, Koulouki, Merikia, Gourna, Dyo Liskaria, Drymonas and Vourlidia) and he discovers the small isolated sandy beaches, hidden amongst the surrounding rocky land, such as Krifo for example.

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